3 Down, 1 To Go

So there we have it folks, 3 exams out of 4 down with one remaining; unfortunately it is probably the hardest exam… the Stats exam. So yeah I thought I’d escaped having to do maths after I finished at GCSE, but no here we go again… time to try and distinguish t-tests, z-scores, degrees of freedom and everything in-between.

It’s typical that this exam falls in the last week of university where most of my friends have finished and can spend the days relaxing, drinking et al (Y’know typical student stuff).

Anyhow I’ve got approximately 4 days to relearn the rest of the course but by managing my time correctly it shouldn’t be a problem, its just going over the material we’ve been taught in our lecturers… basically it’s gunna look like a lot of late night with coffee aplenty but hey you gotta live y’know.

Anyhow thats me signing off for now, any questions, advice or anything in-between feel free to get in touch!

Chris IMG_8543


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