2 Week Countdown

So you join me with 2 weeks left of my university year. Let me be frank, it has honestly flown by; it seems like only last week that I was getting here on the 23rd of September,  unpacking and getting ready to start Freshers Week.

As with anything there have been ups and downs but in this case I can say that the ups outnumber to downs to a considerable extent, and the successes that I’ve experienced here make me think that you know I might actually have a chance at passing my degree *crosses fingers*.

As of writing I’ve completed 2 exams with a further 2 pending in these next two weeks, to put that in context, the Criminology side of my 1st years is now completed whilst I still have the Psychology and Statistics exams to do… Overjoyed as you can tell *Insert Sarcastic Tone Here*

Exams so far have been a mixed bag and that can be attributed to the two different styles of exams the first with 1/2 of an exam being in multiple choice format and the 2nd half an essay whilst with the 2nd exam the major emphasis on essays and focus on researchers. The 2nd exam in my case seemed to be more difficult however since I haven’t spoken to any of my friends on the course about it I’m not sure if this was a universal opinion. I guess I’ll find out in August how I got on. *crosses fingers again*

Weather in the Midlands has been surprisingly pleasant with it peaking at around 27 degrees Celsius I believe?! Y’know the sort of weather you’d go the beach in, which is why I question as to why I decided to go to University in the centre of the country where the nearest beach is probably around 2 hours car drive away. Still as stated before only 2 weeks to go and I’ll be back down South for the summer so there’ll be plenty of time for that.

I’ll be aiming to post at least once a week to keep you all updated as to goings on.  Once again if you have any questions feel free to get in touch!

Chris IMG_8431



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